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ANNA (17)

ANNA (17)

“ It almost feels like yesterday when I was coming to Eastbourne with my friends on a plane, not really knowing what to expect. Now, I´m coming back home with a lot of memories, messages to answer and a lot of stories to share. (….) One of the  best things that has happened to me in these three weeks is meeting a lot of students from other nationalities who were as excited as me about being here. Specially my roommates, who have behaved with nm so nicely and wonderfully and who I hope I will always have a friend in them.


I don´t know exactly what makes this city special (…) maybe it´s because of its friendly people as my host family who are very thoughtful and kind with me, specially their youngest daughter Isabella who always wants to play with me.

(…) Being put out of my comfort zone was a scary thing, but now I have realised that it really is an opportunity to try new things and Eastbourne and its people have given me this amazing opportunity that I will never forget”